Tapping Script to Help You Release Anxiety & Overwhelm During Election Day!

There’s so much stress and anxiety surrounding the election this year. No matter whether you’re here in the US or elsewhere in the world, the outcome of the November 2020 election will doubtless have an impact on us all.

So how do we manage that stress? How do we release the anxiety and overwhelm that we may be feeling right now?

I’ve put together a Tapping Script to help you do just that.

Before we get going with the Tapping, take a moment to notice how you’re feeling right now.

Are you anxious or stressed? Are you fearful, angry or overwhelmed? As you pause and tune in to your body, you might notice something like this:

“I’m feeling anxious in my belly. It feels tight and constricted. It feels like something is gripping tight in there and it’s hard to breathe. I feel it at a level 8.”

(On a 0-10 scale where 0 is the least intense and 10 is the most intense.)

Now that you’ve taken a moment to notice what you’re feeling and where you’re feeling it in your body, take as deep a breath in as you can and let’s begin to tap:

Tapping Script:

** Disclaimer – this post is in no way intended to be political. My aim is to acknowledge the stress and anxiety you may be feeling right now and to offer you a simple tool to help you safely release that stress. **

Karate Chop Point: (Setup Statement)

1) Even though I’m feeling so much stress and anxiety about the election and all that it means to me, I know I’ll get through this somehow.

2) Even though I’m feeling so overwhelmed and bombarded by politics right now. And it feels like I can’t escape from the barrage of media coverage, campaign emails and social commentary, I choose to do whatever I need to do to take care of myself right now.

3) Even though I’m feeling so anxious about the outcome of this election, I choose to pause and let my body know that right now, in this moment, I’m doing ok.

Now move on to the Tapping Points:

Top of Head (TH): I’m so stressed
Eyebrow (EB): How did we end up here?
Side of Eye (SE): I feel like I can’t escape the news and all that this election means to me.
Under Eye (UE): I don’t even know what to trust or who to believe anymore.
Under Nose (UN): There’s so much mis-information and fear on all sides.
Chin (CH): I’m so anxious about all the conflict I’m feeling.
Collar Bone (CB): What if the results are contested?
Under Arm (UA): What if who I vote for doesn’t win?

TH: What will that mean for the country? Will there be protests or violence?
EB: Does my vote even count anyway?
SE: Is the election being tampered with?
UE: Did my postal vote arrive on time?
UN: I feel so overwhelmed.
CH: There’s so much to worry about.
CB: And I’m feeling all this stress and anxiety in my body.
UA: I’m feeling it in my ___________________ (name the place in your body where you’re holding or sensing the stress/anxiety).

TH: This feels like a terrible nightmare and I want to wake up!
EB: What happened to how things used to be?
SE: When the result was just the result?
UE: This feels so stressful.
UN: I’m feeling all this anxiety in my ____________ at a level (0-10)______ and it doesn’t feel good!
CH: But I wonder what would happen if I could slow things down just a little bit now.
CB: I know I’ve done all I can do and I can’t change the outcome of this election.
UA: I’ve been trying to hold all this worry, fear and anxiety inside, but maybe I don’t have to hold it all together right now.

TH: What if I can choose to take just a little bit of this pressure off now?
EB: Maybe I don’t have to feel so tangled up with all this.
SE: What if I can allow myself to take just one step back now.
UE: Doing that doesn’t mean that I don’t care deeply still.
UN: But I have to do what’s right for me right now and that means taking care of myself and my emotions.
CH: I’ve been feeling so stressed and anxious for so long.
CB: And so I allow myself now to imagine taking one step back.
UA: Beginning to breathe just a little bit deeper now.

TH: But how can I breathe or relax with all this going on?
EB: I’m glued to my news feed.
SE: But maybe I can take a break?
UE: I give myself permission to pause and release some of this stress and anxiety now.
UN: It’s not serving me.
CH: I allow myself to recognize that when I’m stressed and anxious, I’m much less able to think clearly and make good decisions.
CB: And so, I allow myself to let go of some of this stress and anxiety now.
UA: What if releasing this worry and overwhelm does not mean that I don’t care?

TH: What if, by letting my body breathe more deeply and allowing my heart rate to decrease, I’m actually helping myself and others?
EB: I choose to release more of this anxiety from my _____________ now (name the place where you’ve been holding the anxiety).
SE: Letting it go so that I can feel a little more calm.
UE: And from this place now, I give myself permission to see that no matter what happens in this election, I’m going to be ok.
UN: But I still have all these worries and concerns about the future.
CH: And maybe that’s ok.
CB: I don’t have to solve it all today.
UA: Perhaps I can be ok, no matter what the outcome is.

TH: Maybe it’s ok to acknowledge my worries, anxiety and concerns.
EB: And maybe I can give myself all the space and time I need to be with all of this.
SE: I honor all of my feelings now, knowing that they are valid.
UE: This election is bringing up so much for me.
UN: But what if I don’t have to drown in it all.
CH: I choose now, to take that step back.
CB: I allow myself to care deeply still, but to also take care of me.
UA: Feeling my jaw unclenching now.

TH: Letting my shoulders release from my ears and lower gradually down my spine now.
EB: Taking deeper breaths in and out now, feeling my body beginning to calm down.
SE: I know there is so much going on, but I allow myself to slow down anyway.
UE: Knowing that I’m doing my very best right now
UN: Reminding myself that in this moment right here, right now I am ok.
CH: Releasing any remaining stress and anxiety.
CB: Taking a moment to pause that is just for me.
UA: Feeling grounded and centered in this moment now, and that feels like a relief.

Take another deep breath and check back in with how you’re doing now. What do you notice? Has the intensity of what you were feeling before we began Tapping changed? Has your anxiety or stress level decreased? Remember that there is no right or wrong answer and you can repeat this Tapping script as often as you feel helpful. 🙂

Please let me know in the comments how this Tapping Script helped you to release your Election Day stress and anxiety.

And as ever, if you need support or want to work with me one-on-one as your coach, click here to contact me or here to schedule a session today.

Karen 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful and thoughtful tapping script. I have been using tapping for many years now and had wonderful results from it. I was at a level 10 before I started tapping and went down to a level 1 after I did these tapping rounds..
    I did early voting this year, but my problem was and is that I did not want to vote for either candidate.
    No candidate ever mentions the issues that I care about so deeply.
    I care about the protection of our children, the future of our world, from all the toxins that they are exposed to on a daily basis, both physically, emotionally and energetically.
    I care about our planet and how it is not being cared for in a sustainable way so that our children have a safe place to grow up and live in.
    I care about the protection of our God given rights that our forefathers worked so hard to reclaim for us protect when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
    I care about all those who lost their lives fighting for these rights and those who continue to fight to protect these rights.
    You don’t hear the politicians talk about any of these concerns, but they are what our country has always stood for and they are very important and need to be mentioned and protected.

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