I grew up in England, the youngest child of an alcoholic father. There was very little safety or security in my life, but plenty of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. While other kids played care-free, my childhood was dominated by panic, dread and fear. To survive, I blocked out and repressed most of the trauma.


I found solace at school. I worked hard, made it into a good college and excelled in my studies. I graduated with an English Literature degree and grew up into a seemingly confident, high-functioning woman with an exciting career in movies, and a love of travel.


Underneath this exterior though, I was still an anxiety-ridden people-pleaser desperately searching to fit in and be loved.


In 2005 the world as I knew it flipped on its axis. My mother died of lung and brain cancer after a lengthy illness. Formerly an atheist, I began receiving angel signs as well as communications from my mother and from, what I later came to know as, my Guides.


Within a year, I felt like my soul had been set on a completely new course direction. I decided that I wanted to do something other than than making movies to entertain. I knew now that I wanted to help people heal the pain in their life. And so, I set about re-educating myself. I trained in NLP and hypnotherapy. I trained in various energy modalities including Reiki and Harmonium Healing. I met my now husband, Alex and moved to the the US in 2006. We live in Connecticut with our 3 children, Malakai, Lucas and Olivia.


I first learned about EFT Tapping from my brother-in-law when he made the documentary film ‘The Tapping Solution’. I helped out during filming, giving the participants emotional support as they went through a 4 day intensive Tapping program. What I did not expect, however, was that the intensity of the program would trigger me to begin memory recovery of my own traumatic history of childhood sexual abuse.


I added EFT Tapping to my private practice in 2007 and have been using it to great success personally and with my clients ever since.


Memory recovery for me has always been a process of decoding the sensations and symptoms showing up in my body. Fascinated, and eager to meld body-based mindfulness with the psychology of Tapping, I trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE) under Dr. Peter Levine. SE is a body-based therapeutic approach which gently moves the traumatized person from states of rigid fixity to freedom and flow.


Today, I combine EFT Tapping with SE to guide my clients towards feeling more whole and healed. Treating not only the emotional and psychological aspects of trauma, but also the physical manifestations of it, has radically altered the experience of healing for myself and for my clients.


As a Coach specializing in Trauma Healing, I share from my heart my own experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse. I have been to the darkest of places. I share my story, my past, my struggles and my survival to help my clients see that they too can sit in the darkness. But they are not alone. You are not alone. Together we can find the way through healing into light.

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